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Umbria -
The Green Heart of Italy


'The green heart of Italy' - The name of beautiful Umbria. There are only 830.000 habitants in the region, of which 153.000 live in the capital Perugia.
The area is 8.300 square kilometers, and the region borders Lazio and Toscana.


Wonderful video from Umbria



Why travel to Umbria?

  • The landscape is characterized by forested hills, and fertile valleys, rivers and lakes.

    Umbria is the ideal place for visitors seeking the beauties of unspoilt nature and the splendors of medieval Renaissance art, or wishing to follow itineraries of historical and religious interest in the countryside that gave birth to many saints.

    The villages and the towns are rich in historic monuments, churches, and museums.

    The most important centers of cultural, artistic interest are: Perugia, Orvieto, Assisi, Gubbio, Spoleto, Todi, Norcia, Amelia, Narni, Trevi and Spello, ancient cities where the secrets of the past continue to live on in the present.

  • Of note are also the excellent Umbrian Wines and the unique taste of olive oil, which are a best pleasures for the senses.

    The taste of good food is found both in everyday life, and old traditions, since the culture of eating and drinking is deeply rooted in the life of the local people, and it is considered as valuable as the artistic heritage or the history of this area.

    Delicious local produce results from an intact natural environment, which has always been respected and protected.


Below is a small collection of the photo gallery that can be found on Casa Pietrarossa's Facebook page from Umbria.






The average temperature in Umbria is 19.3 degrees Celsius. In July and August, the temperature easily rises above  30 degrees.


Easy way to Umbria....

  Casa Pietrarossa is only a few hours travel away. There are many arriving flights to both Rome and Florence. Rent a car from the airport, and find the house in only two hours.
Fam. Almanzi, Casa Pietrarossa,     +45 22931231

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