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The holiday offers endless and unforgettable adventures.

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Welcome to the the vacation home Casa Pietrarossa, situated in the idyllic village of Pigge in Umbria. The village lies in the mountain scenery, surrounded by endless olive fields and a fantastic view over the mountains of Umbria.

Casa Pietrarossa, is a beautiful and unique vacation home, accommodating up to 8 guests. The house has large bedrooms with breathtaking views of the mountains and the valley.
In the large yard in front of the house, you can spoil yourself sitting in the shade sensing the warm weather and the smell of Italy.

Here it is possible to enjoy the food, the wine, and the many historical treasures which can be found in the many medieval towns - and of course the warm climate.

What to do and see!

The holiday at Casa Pietrarossa offers numerous holiday adventures there is something to inspire and entertain all types of visitors. In Umbria every time of the year has it's own particular charm, offers and adventures. Visit our Links page and find lots of inspiration for the holiday..




  • Large and spacious,
    vacation home

  • Room for 8 persons

  • Fantastic
    panorama view

  • Close to shopping,
    restaurants and sightseeing

  • Private parking


Where to find the house

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Fam. Almanzi, Casa Pietrarossa,     +45 2293 1231

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