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Who are we?

Dear Guest,

Thank you for showing your interest in our holiday house Casa Pietrarossa and taking your time to look through our home page.

We bought Casa Pietrarossa in October 2003, and since then we have spent much time restoring and decorating the house. The intention has been to make the house as comfortable as possible, creating a homelike atmosphere and yet, still retaining the original appearance of the house.

Our close connection to Italy comes via Enzo, who's family is Italian and lives in Umbria. During our many vacations in Umbria, our love for the area has grown tremendously, and we would like to welcome you to our little oasis where we can share the Italian country life with you.

We look forward to sharing Casa Pietrarossa with you, and hope you will find the area as fascinating and warm-hearted as we do. In case you have questions to Umbria, Casa Pietrarossa etc, we would love to assist you. Please submit your questions by filling in the comments field in
"Prices / Inquire".


The Almanzi Family



The Almanzi Family


Fam. Almanzi :
(From the top) Enzo & Britt,
(Below) Oliver, Elliot & Emmely




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