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The vacation home Casa Pietrarossa is located in Umbria which borders Toscana to the West, Marche towards East and Lazio to the South.





The vacation home - only few hours away!

Arriving to Casa Pietrarossa does not necessarily mean spending endless hours on the Eorupean freeways. Most visitors choose to arrive by air plane from their home country, having Rome or Florence as their travelling destination.

Upon arrival to Italy, a car can easily be rented, and Casa Pietrarossa, and the most magnificent holiday adventures are only a couple of hours drive away!







From   To   Distance
Rom   Pigge   2t 15m
Florence   Pigge   2t 15m
Milan   Pigge   500 km
Spoleto   Pigge   8 km


Easy way to Umbria....

  Casa Pietrarossa is only a few hours travel away. There are many arriving flights to both Rome and Florence. Rent a car from the airport, and find the house in only two hours.


Fam. Almanzi, Casa Pietrarossa,    +45 2293 1231

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